The Bulletproof Home Defense

The Bulletproof Home Defense : What You Should Know!

This is a comprehensive program that serves as a guide created by Steve Walker, a US Army veteran that promises to teach you innovative techniques that will help you to protect your home and family against intruders.

Steve claims that all of the information shared in this program is based on the wealth of experience that he gained by travelling to war- hit territories and talking with professional preppers. He claimed that all the knowledge and techniques shared in this program are tried and tested in the most severe circumstances and succeeded.

How to prepare your home for a disaster without interrupting your everyday life. Here you will learn how to live a normal life and still prepare for a disaster. Steve thinks that you can be adequately prepared without compromising your regular day to day activities.

How to approach your better half with the idea of prepping without sounding totally delusional. Steve takes into consideration that some persons may not be too welcoming to the idea of prepping. As a matter of fact, those who are trying to get persons on board may very well come off as being paranoid. Steve takes care of this by teaching you how to make your pitch.

The Bulletproof Home Defense : What You Should Know!